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CBDB Productions

Upcoming Production

Featuring: Jordan Zell, David Golinkin, Ksenia Saevich, Yehoshua Looks, Andrea Katz
Directed by: Simon Stout
Assistant Director: Candice Nemoff
Props Creation: Sara Newman
Costume Consultant: Dena Davies

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Previous Productions

Featuring: Aviad Alfasi, Eden Berg, Molly Cloutier, Andrea Katz, Pascal Roy.
Directed by Helene Weintraub
Assistant Director: Gabi Mischel
Stage Design: Candice Nemoff
Lighting: C.B. Davies

Work with us

Work with us

We’re looking for people passionate about theater to join our team. Contact us @


Contact us @

About us

CBDB Productions was founded by husband and wife co-artistic directors C.B. Davies and Dena Buckman Davies.

We met through theater and have since been involved with English language theater in Jerusalem. CBDB Productions was founded to bring both original and established works to Jerusalem’s vibrant theater scene.

C.B. Davies: C.B Davies is the co-founder and co-artistic director of CBDB Productions and has experience in all aspects of theater, from acting to producing. He’s been involved in over 20 productions, all in Jerusalem. He co-produced the Song of Solomon concept album, and was a part of the Song of Solomon world premiere in Dumaguete, Philippines.

Dena Buckman Davies: Dena Buckman Davies is the co-founder and co-artistic director of CBDB Productions and has been involved with many productions in the Jerusalem theater community since 2007 as a makeup artist, costume designer, and actress. With a background in fashion design, she has designed costumes for almost a dozen shows in Jerusalem. She has also enjoyed performing on stage, sometimes even with her husband.


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